Hemi Pharma Proviron 25mg tablets


Manufacturer: Hemi Pharma
Contents: 60 x 25mg mesterolone (proviron) tablets.

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Genuine Hemi Pharma Proviron 25mg Mesterolone Tablets For Sale Online

Proviron tablets is one of the most unique anabolic androgenic steroids and one also one of the oldest steroid products on the market. Officially known by its chemical name mesterolone, this oral steroid product by pharmaceutical giant Schering behaves like no other.

Firstly, its anabolic activity is so weak or nonexistent. In fact, seriously speaking, this substance cannot be considered an anabolic steroid. Its use causes little or no buildup in mass.

And unlike other androgenic steroids, proviron doesn’t cause significant suppression of natural testosterone production in the body.

Though some minimal endogenous testosterone suppression may still occur, the resultant suppressive effects are minimal or rather inconsequential; and it is possible to use mesterolone without experiencing any noteworthy reduction in natural endogenous testosterone levels.

Another characteristic that makes proviron a unique androgenic steroid is its ability to boost fertility in men, a trait that has seen it being used as a treatment for androgenic deficiencies in men and in post cycle therapy (PCT) plans.

When used in correct therapeutic doses, mesterolone has been shown to provide the positive androgenic effects necessary for enhanced spermatogenesis – unlike other anabolic steroids.

What’s more, because mesterolone hormone is an anti-aromatase agent with strong anti-estrogenic properties its use may help increase the amount of circulating “free” testosterone in the body and also prevent unwanted symptoms during steroid cycles.

Proviron tablets: The Best PCT for Bodybuilders

Proviron’s ability to enhance sperm production and libido means that many athletes and bodybuilders often incorporate it in their PCT plans. Some amateur bodybuilders utilize proviron at the end of a steroid cycle with the hope of restoring their reduced natural testosterone levels.

But is it worth noting that using mesterolone hormone alone as a Post Cycle Therapy is not a good idea and may actually be counterproductive.

Proviron tablets only reduce or completely eliminate the dysfunctions caused by the declining androgen levels, such as low libido and infertility; but has no effect on the body’s own endogenous natural testosterone production.

Proviron may actually cause weak suppression of the body’s own natural testosterone production, which could threaten recovery.

If a bodybuilder feels that he or she must use mesterolone hormone for post cycle therapy, he/she should combine it with appropriate testosterone stimulating agents.

There are three categories of testosterone stimulating agents that are known to stimulate the HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis) to stimulate the production of natural testosterone and balance hormone levels.

They include: Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs), Aromatase Inhibitors and HCG injections. Proper use of Proviron tablets in a well-planned post cycle therapy plan will not only stimulate the HPTA, but also prevent muscle catabolism, prevent unwanted fat-gains and strength loss, and also reduce any unwanted side effects.

A good PCT plan for body builders should include: HCG, an aromatase inhibitor and a SERM.